5 Benefits Of Winter Pruning In Dallas, TX

Nov 9, 2022 | 0 comments

If you’re not convinced about the importance of tree services, compare it to personal care. Just like you need to get a haircut every few months and brush your teeth daily, trees need year-round care. Winter pruning is an essential tree care practice that helps maintain the health and beauty of your trees. Here are five benefits of winter pruning:

1. Winter Pruning is Often Cheaper

The off-season is the best time to save a few bucks on tree services. Many companies offer discounts for tree services during the winter because getting closer to the tree’s base is easier. The heavy machinery can access the bottom of the trees with better footing and without damaging the lawn.

2. Winter Pruning is Safer for Your Tree

Pruning during the dormant season is better for the tree because there’s less chance of disease and pests. Winter pruning also helps the tree heal faster because the wounds are sealed by the cold weather. Besides, when spring comes, the tree will have more energy to put towards new growth.

3. Pruning Reduces the Risk of Costly Damage

By pruning your trees during the winter, you can avoid the storm damage that often occurs in the spring and summer. High winds can cause branches to break and fall, which can damage your home or car or injure someone. If there’s an appropriate time to request tree services, it’s winter.

4. It’s Easier to See Branch Structures

A thing that facilitates winter pruning is having a clear visual of the branch structures. The experts can easily detect which branches are crossing, rubbing, or growing too close to power lines.

5. Pruning Protects Your Garden and Flower Beds

If you have fruit trees, pruning in winter will encourage more fruit production. The same goes for flowers; pruning in winter will give you more blooms come spring.

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