Choosing The Right North Texas Trees

Texas has its own unique landscapes and environments! It has rolling hills, deserts, plains, and even wetlands. Each of these landscapes are home to countless plant and wildlife species. 

The trees that grow in some parts of this vast state may not be suitable for survival in another. It’s vital to ensure that the trees in your yard have adequate conditions to grow based on their needs. Choosing to ignore the factor of ideal growth conditions can ultimately lead to disastrous results for your trees and also your property.

North Texas Tree Care After Ice Storm

Many Texas homeowners experienced damage to their trees during the icy storms this winter. However, not all of these people know what they should do and should avoid doing when cleaning up the damage, especially around their oak trees.

Live oaks are a beautiful trees native to North Texas. They are incredibly common in yards, parks, and public areas around the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex!

North Texas Trees: Southern Live Oak

These trees are known for the sweet, tapered acorns that they produce, which are eaten by near by birds and mammals. These typically including sapsuckers, mallards, wild turkeys, squirrels, deer, and more.

For some areas where the southern live oak is naturally occurring their scrub hosts the nests of the threatened Florida scrub jay relies. They are not alone either, other birds make use of the moss that frequently hangs from the southern live oak tree branches to assisting in constructing their nests.

Top 4 Winter Tips To Care For Your Trees

Winter is coming, and you might be preparing your house for it, but caring for your trees is an often overlooked aspect. Trees in the wild prepare themselves for this time of year, but it can be different in a yard. Here are 4 winter tips from Tree Tech’s professional Arborists…

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