Stump Grinding Services

While a tree stump can simply be an eye-sore for some, others can harbor many different types
of fungus and parasites, making it a threat to your property’s health. Residual stumps following
a tree removal can also be trip hazards and limit the usable space on your property.

TreeTech provides stump grinding services to clients in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area. If you are having or have had a tree removed on your property and would like the professionally grind the residual stump, so you can avoid potential pests such as fungus, ants, and termites, TreeTech is your solution. Once we’ve completed our expert stump grinding service, you will be able to repurpose your property for other uses such as turf or landscape beds.

Take Back Your Landscape

How Does the Stump Grinding Process Work?

To efficiently remove a tree stump, our team uses a stump grinder. This motorized machine has a spinning cutter wheel that grinds the stump into mulch in minutes. The stump can be ground to a shallow depth to allow turf or ground cover to grow, or it can be ground to a deeper level to plant larger plant material. Stumps are ground to a depth of approximately 12” which will allow for the planting of turf or other ground cover and small landscape plants.

Our Certified Arborists are trained to spot potential problems during the process and will provide effective communication if any issues arise. After the safe removal of the tree stump, our team will clean up the area and remove any debris.

Prior to scheduling your stump grinding service, clients should call 811 to have their utilities located. This is an important step to help protect our crews and your Property.

Stump Grinding FAQ

Q: Can tree roots re-sprout after a stump has been ground?

A: No. The roots will simply deteriorate over time, gradually decomposing into the soil.

Q: Can I plant a tree in the same spot after?

A: Yes and no. Because the roots from the tree stump remain after grinding, it can sometimes make it difficult for trees with larger root systems to find stability underground. However, TreeTech performs a basic stump grind service to an approximate depth of 12”-18”. A deep stump grind service is typically required in order to replant a large tree in the exact spot of a residual stump, but TreeTech doe.

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