Deep Root Tree Fertilization

Tree roots need healthy soil, oxygen, and the proper balance of nutrients to stay healthy. Most trees and plants often need more nutrition than grass because the soil in the landscape just can’t provide enough.

TreeTech’s Deep Root Tree Fertilization program delivers a high quality, nutrient-dense solution straight into the root zone of trees, enriching the surrounding soil and increasing nutrient levels to help each tree look better and live a longer, healthier life!

How Does Deep Root Tree Fertilization Work?

Deep root tree fertilization is the process of injecting high-quality nutrients into your tree’s root zone while under pressure. The injection begins just below the surface and goes to a total depth of 12 to 14”, which helps aerate the soil and provide much-needed oxygen for the root system. Each injection site is strategically placed 2-to-3 feet apart in a grid pattern under your trees’ canopy area and beyond its drip line for maximum results. With this injection method, fertilizer is delivered to the roots quicker, which means they receive nutrients faster and in appropriate amounts. This eliminates waste (over-fertilization) and reduces the overall cost of fertilizer, while still ensuring your trees remain healthy and strong for years to come.

Our Certified Arborists at TreeTech TX will analyze your soil, study the pH balance, nutrition levels, and other factors before the design the right tree fertilization program for your landscape. On average, when utilizing TreeTech’s deep root tree fertilization solution, we recommend that the process be repeated twice a year to ensure the best results for your trees.

Benefits of Deep Root Fertilization

TreeTech’s Deep Root Fertilization program is a wise investment to ensure the health, strength, and preservation of your trees for years to come. By having deep root fertilization treatments performed twice a year, you’re providing many benefits to your landscape, including defending your trees against insect infestations and common tree diseases, and improving your soil’s oxygen content, aeration, and nutrient levels.

At TreeTech TX, we are proud to offer a tree fertilization program that is essentially a long-term investment. Our process ensures your trees are in good health and preserved for many years to come. By conducting the process twice a year, you can make the most of the following benefits: 

We are committed to offering safe and quality tree care; when you choose us, you can rest assured your trees are in the best of hands. If you’re looking for tree fertilization near me, look no further than TreeTech TX. Our tree services in Dallas is what you need for your trees. Call for tree fertilization and for any plant health care service we offer!

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