While you may be unfamiliar with the terms “Tree Cabling and Tree Bracing,” you have almost certainly watched how trees rapidly grow over time. Statistics provide insightful information about how most trees develop overextended heavy branches and limbs. 

These overextended branches and limbs can significantly increase weight for the trunk to support, resulting in the falling of branches, which can either get nearby people injured or cause severe damage to any property it falls onto. 

This is precisely where tree cabling & bracing come into play. These are techniques that are implemented to help prevent any accident or property damage without removing the tree. In this article, we will share why tree cabling and bracing are important and their benefits. 

Tree Cabling & Bracing Benefits

Tree cabling and bracing are an essential part of proper maintenance for any tree. Besides preserving the tree’s longevity, they also provide benefits you may not have thought about before. 

Keeps Your Tree Healthful

Think of tree cabling and bracing as a treatment given to someone to help prevent an infection that can develop from a cut on their skin. Cabling and bracing work in the same way for trees. They keep damaged and compromised trees from getting infectious diseases. 

Improve Your Trees’ Appearance

When not properly taken care of, branches can grow and expand in different directions causing the tree to lose balance and reduce symmetry resulting in a misshapen tree. Cabling can prevent this from happening and improve any trees’ appearance.

Better Protection

Trees with long and heavy branches hanging over a street or sidewalk can put people’s safety at risk. Cabling and bracing help secure branches with excessive size and weight hanging over sidewalks and streets.

Need Professional Assistance Now?

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